It's Saturday morning, I have got some plans for Us, we don't have time for breakfast. Cookies nutella & nuts + coffee. fast and fabulous 😍

Roses & Strawberries
Pink & Red

Those are magic colours and a nice view
Coffe is coming...While my love is waking up

Sunday has got a magic word: SUN ☀ ! It's shining for breakfast time... Pancakes - Sun - Coffee and L❤ve

Hey little happy smiles!
Have you seen who has stolen one cappuccino mug?

Stop smiling and tell me the truth.
#cantresist #cappuccino #happybuiscuits

That's not by me, but from my mum.
I think she is the Queen of Apple Pie and my grandma was the superQueen of Pies in general ❤
#pie #lovely #memories

Hurry Up!! Breakfast is ready... And Flowers are for real!
#relax #fortwo #wakeupandfindablossom

My cappuccino: The best cappuccino Italiano ever!
Abbracci for two ❤

Uh la-la!! Crepes w/ sugar and Fruit Cocktail w/ white melon and Kiwi are the best breakfast ever when you get up after a cocktail saturday'
#softmusic #parisinmymind #love #fortwo

I was looking for maple syrup during 2 weeks.
I found it on saturday and I couldn't resist. I started cooking pancakes with strawberry and caster sugar. I have done those for my mummy... And she is still doesn't know how to pronunce it. #love #italianmummy